Thursday, October 3, 2013


1. I am getting ready to start the Advocare 24-Day Challenge on Monday. I am taking part of the with Janetha. 

2. I got my first paycheck of my new career today. I've been seeing clients all summer, pro bono, as I wait to be added to some third party payer provider lists..... So the fact that I have a paying client- awesome!

3. I'm super tired and might actually make it to bed before it's tomorrow. This is rare.

4. My best friend's (for 28 years) dad is in the hospital, and has been for around 4 weeks now, and isn't doing so well.

5. I'm going on a field trip with a bunch of 3rd graders tomorrow. Pray for me. ;)

6. I ran today and my right calf muscle was not having any of it. Decided to stop and walk the rest of the way back. I have 7 on the books for Saturday morning. 2 weeks until the 15k trail run. I'm excited!

7. I'm boring myself so I think I will go to sleep.

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